luis romero
UntitledTorn Drawing with Floating HolesA Gathering of the Elders / A Hairy HelmetUntitledUntitledLisa Simpson Comes Back from the DeadGlam Rock SuccubusUntitledThat Elusive Figure, Always Leaving Looking Backwards/Liz's ColorsArt is Their Facemask/ Crab DrawingUntitledUntitledUntitledBearded PaintingPainting Turning into a BeastBlind Painting Searching for DawnI'm Not That InnocentI Want To Be Your Holy Man / Ghost PaintingGreen Rectangle, Absolutely BaroqueElectric Milk / Bandit DrawingUntitledA Manuscript/ An Audience Tower with Cat Ears

Green Monkey Waiting For YouUntitledTFW a Bearded Face Comes Out of a Torso and Just Stares at YouA Manuscript/ Incandescent Drawing
Ray Yoshida Says HiTrisopterus Painting/ Carnival ManPiso que piensa (Thinking Floor)
2013- present