luis romero
Glam Rock SuccubusLisa Simpson Comes Back from the DeadUntitledArt is Their Facemask/ Crab DrawingUntitledUntitledBearded PaintingI'm Not That InnocentUntitledUntitledI Want To Be Your Holy Man / Ghost PaintingGreen Rectangle, Absolutely BaroqueElectric Milk / Bandit DrawingRay Yoshida Says HiTower  with Cat EarsGreen Monkey Waiting For YouUntitledA Manuscript/ An Audience UntitledTFW a Bearded Face Comes Out of a Torso and Just Stares at YouIncandescent BentTrisopterus Painting/ Carnival ManAbstraction with AperturePiso que piensa (Thinking Floor)
recent work
A selection of works completed between 2015 and 2018.